The Big Big Spark

On April 8th, the ground began to shake: CoinStats was hit by The ⚡Big ⚡Big Spark, a live event introducing an avalanche of revolutionary updates that are about to change your trading experience forever. The CoinStats team members walking you through the new features enjoyed the enthusiasm with which our community welcomed the updates. 

We would like to thank you guys for turning up, asking thoughtful questions, and of course, cheering us on. That being said, you have seen nothing yet: The 100 exclusive NFTs sent to our users opened a new era of amazing rewards and massive rehauls. 

Now let’s go over the key updates revealed at The ⚡Big ⚡Big Spark. 

CoinStats Rewards

Since CoinStats is evolving at a high pace, sometimes the members of our community miss out on useful features and communication channels. The launch of CoinStats Rewards means you’ll get rewards for discovering CoinStats in its full glory. 

How does it work? You complete quests listed in our CoinStats Rewards program. It can be anything: Swapping via our DeFi Wallet, referring a friend, visiting CoinStats every day or joining our Discord channel. The completion of quests will earn you ⚡Sparks that you can later exchange for a myriad of terrific rewards. For example, you may choose CoinStats Premium, a CoinTickr tracking device or a custom NFT. So you get rewarded for exploring CoinStats – it’s a win-win in our book!

Homepage Overhaul

The ⚡Big ⚡Big Spark also transformed our homepage! From now on, you can find all your favorite coins and major crypto news right on the CoinStats homepage. You never know, maybe your next big investment will come from just opening CoinStats.

CoinStats Stories

Next up we have the launch of CoinStats Stories. Who doesn’t love a Pepe meme or an informative news article about the latest hype? Now you’ll have daily news, crypto memes, and so much more right at your fingertips. 

Swapping 2.0

And finally, The ⚡Big ⚡Big Spark brought us Swapping 2.0: Now you can trade on CoinStats with zero extra fees right where you do your research. Enjoy a smooth and convenient user experience as you trade and invest into the coins that will take you there.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out all these exciting changes that The ⚡Big ⚡Big Spark brought about. And make sure to tune in next time we’re hit with something equally transformative, word on the street is it’s coming very soon.