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Halloween is right around the corner! It’s a spooky season traditionally known for hosting sophisticated dinner parties, trick-or-treating, costume watch parties, etc., but recently, the holiday has transitioned to the metaverse. Spooky NFTs are being released on marketplaces to showcase Halloween themes, and auctions for Halloween NFT collections are organized on OpenSea. Developers are unveiling their projects, kick-off events, and rolling out roadmap activations to bring collectors into the spirit. Classic Halloween NFT Wearable prizes await the winner, who will spook everyone out with their superior knowledge of all things Horror, Gore, and Ghoul in Decentraland.

So, let’s get in the All Hallows’ Eve spirit and celebrate this spooky season with macabre-themed art NFT projects and collections that set the mysterious atmosphere.

Ready to set a witchy scene and replenish your NFT collection with the eeriest samples?

Let’s look into the spookiest NFT collections in time for Halloween!

Halloween-Themed NFTs to Collect


Deadfellaz is a zombie-themed PFP project developed by crypto artist PsychStreetFight and his wife, Betty. The collection of 10,000 NFTs, which debuted in early August with a current floor price of 0.643 ETH, displays a swarm of trendy zombie avatars with randomly generated traits and attributes, including the mouth, eyes, head, and body grades.

Days before Halloween, the Deadfellaz project team unleashed a slew of activations and partnerships with some of the most notable NFT projects and collectors. The Deadfellaz: Infected Metaverse Halloween Event, which includes live music, panel talks, raffles, galleries, airdrops, etc., is planned to begin on October 29, with DJ Steve Aoki performing on Halloween Day.


Spookies is a ghost-themed NFT project transferred to the OpenSea realm in July. This collection of 8,888 cute digital ghosts has been haunting its way across the Ethereum network. Spookies are all hand-drawn, each with specialized traits and levels of rarity. A spooky is your membership into a community of collectors and provides you access to member-specific benefits, drops, and giveaways.

Spookies may be one of the cheapest Halloween-ready collections available, with the current collection floor hovering at 0.015 ETH. But wait, there’s more. The Spookies team has continued to provide exciting incentives for collectors, most recently unveiling their Black Cat Pass and Cobweb tokens, with merch on the way.


CryptoSkulls is a collection of PFP NFT skulls! With a total of 10,000 in their ranks, these skulls aren’t only aesthetically attractive but also provide utility as a playable token in the upcoming Gold of Skulls game.

CryptoSkulls, which debuted in 2019 and has a floor price of 0.025 ETH, resurfaced this year during the NFT surge. Although the project is spooky all year, the CryptoSkulls team has released a Pumpkin Lord 2021 NFT for Halloween, which they call a “spooky token for the spooky season.”

Mutant Ape Yacht Club

Although Mutant Apes isn’t planning any Halloween-themed activities and may be out of reach for many with a floor price of 3.79 ETH, the project may be the most inherently spooky on this list. With 16,555 Apes, this Bored Ape Yacht Club spinoff collection is indeed spooky enough to rep for Halloween.

Mutant Apes, a BAYC extension, is a collection of mutants developed straight from the Bored Ape catalog. These Mutants, minted by BAYC owners or acquired at public auction, make a terrific Halloween PFP.


DeadHeads, launched in June 2021, was praised for attempting to be the first “multimedia brand that distributes verifiable ownership of its IP to its fan base via NFTs.” The collection includes 10,000 spooky yet charming 3D characters, and sales have begun to increase the anticipation of Halloween. The current floor price is 0.225 ETH.

According to the project’s backstory, DeadHeads are trapped in the NFT underworld, where “unwanted digital assets are burnt alive.” While the entire tale is still being told through the DeadHeads animated series, the project developers have continued to reveal roadmap activations such as burn mechanisms and their new Skull Troopers collection.

Bewitching Halloween NFTs

In the spookiest time of year, you should not only stock up on candy bars but also enrich your NFT collection with the spookiest samples, such as Bishal’s “Bewitching Halloween.”

Bishal is a well-known digital artist from India who won the MSI Creator Awards 2021 for Best Visual in the Graphic Design category. His work has been highlighted by Adobe Gen Create, Expert Photography, Piximperfect, Pixelsquid, etc.

“On Halloween Night,” from the “Bewitching Halloween” collection, includes Holy, a character that enjoys exploring the dark and frightening, so on Halloween night, she visits the creepiest spot in town. The place is overrun with tangled weeds and vines filled with prowling black cats and sparkling pumpkins. A ghostly person emerges from the foliage, addressing himself merely as “the land’s guardian.”

Creator Fund Halloween Collection

Sandbox’s Creator Fund will release some spooky Halloween-themed NFTs on the marketplace. These NFTs can be used to create an experience in The Sandbox using its Game Maker program and monetized by getting published into LANDs in the metaverse.

What Is Creator Fund

The Sandbox Creator Fund is an initiative that rewards and incentivizes artists to produce 3D ASSETs for The Sandbox platform. The Creator Fund’s successful candidates will have to develop exceptionally high-quality voxel art-based ASSETs utilizing The Sandbox’s voxel art software — VoxEdit. These voxel creations will be released as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Sandbox NFT Collection

Let’s look at the lovely NFTs that will be on sale in The Sandbox’s marketplace.

The Skeleton Coffin by BayumiMe and The Skull Man by Arcanaip


Angry Mimic by FearlessGeek and Skeleton by Obeleaks

Angry Mimic

Black Plague Doctor by Yowli and Killer Teddy by Thelostb0y

Killer Teddy

Stone Altar by Gatostao and Jack O’ Lantern Dinosaur by TomGlasses

Stone Altar

Tools for Tracking NFT Collectors and Trades

Things move fast in the NFT space, and if you’re looking to invest in NFT collections, staying up to date with the trending NFTs, mint dates, project reveals, Twitter feeds, Discord announcements, and timed auctions is highly recommended.

Thousands of NFT sales occur daily, many of which are from brand-new collections. While certain NFTs in a collection may be worth millions of dollars due to their rarity, others may be worth nothing. If an NFT is exceptionally uncommon, it’s likely to be incredibly valuable as its scarcity raises its price.

While keeping track of all the events within the non-fungible ecosystem is a complex and sometimes nearly impossible task, some companies have built entire tool suites to help you keep up with collectors and trades.

Ninjalerts is a crypto and NFT tracking service that allows users to identify specific contract or wallet addresses and receive push notifications on their phones at the exact moment minting starts, NFT reveals happen, or whales and influencers make their next move.

DappRadar allows you to enter an ENS name or wallet address from the Ethereum, Binance, or Polygon chains and immediately see that wallet’s token, NFT balance, and net worth. It also provides DeFi and NFT financial stats for tracking individual portfolios.

Etherscan allows users totrack token and wallet transactions in real time and even mint a token directly from a smart contract instead of a minting website.

Icy.tools is a service that features excellent analytics tools, enabling users to quickly discover trending projects and track floor prices, volume, sale history, etc.

CoinStats NFT Tracking enables you to keep track of all the NFT analytics, including the latest stats for NFT collections and individual assets that have sold for the highest prices, and follow top wallets in real-time with one of a kind data-powered smart alert tool. CoinStat’s ever-evolving algorithm aggregates NFT buying activity, allowing you to discover the best NFTs to invest in.

Ethereum NFT Prices
Ethereum NFT prices

Wrapping Up!

Excited about Halloween art NFT? Grab an enthralling Halloween NFT Collection from a marketplace such as OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, etc., and from all of us at CoinStats, have a spooktacular Halloween!

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