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Who’s the friend or foe that will get a crypto gift card from you this holiday season? 🤔

Whoever it is, we’re sure it’ll be the most unique and intriguing gift of all! The most magical time of the year usually means a bevy of $5 socks 🧦 and $10 books 📖 And while there’s nothing wrong with conventional gifts, maybe this year you should mix it up a little bit. 

Bet you’re wondering why your grandma should get SHIB or your broke friend AAVE. Well, there are quite a few reasons why you should consider going for a crypto gift card.

  • The crypto ecosystem is constantly expanding, and after you give the gift of crypto, your friends and family may take interest in it and become a part of something trendy and exciting. 
  • Gifting crypto is the digital age version of gifting cash, and who doesn’t love getting money as a gift?
  • It’s a good way to show your grandma or grandpa that you think they can still get with the times and share your interests. It’s an endearing invitation into your world. 
  • Crypto makes for the ideal last-minute gift. A beautiful design, a heart-warming message, and your favorite cryptocurrency can be easily packed into one shareable link. 
  • You never know when this or that cryptocurrency will go to the moon. Your crypto gift card may end up being a pretty good investment, growing with time and enriching the lucky recipient. 
  • Giving crypto as a holiday gift is gradually getting popular but it’s still pretty rare and unique. Many will appreciate the originality and the element of surprise.   

What Is a CoinStats Gift Card?

CoinStats Gift Card is the easiest way to gift crypto this holiday season and beyond. It only takes a few clicks to choose the coin you want to give and the right amount, select a fitting design, add a warm or funny message, and pack these up into one festive link. We even have a few pre-designed labels to make your gift even more special! Your CoinStats Gift Card will be on its way to the recipient in no time, and you can even track it if you get impatient 🙌

Your family, friends, and foes will be happy to find out just how easy it is to enter the crypto rabbit hole after getting a CoinStats Gift Card as a gift. All they need to do is download CoinStats and deposit their gift into CoinStats Wallet. From that moment on, they will have the whole ecosystem at their fingertips and can freely explore DeFi and NFTs.

To buy crypto gift card from CoinStats then means to send your loved ones a compact and well-designed invitation to the finance of the future! So, what are you waiting for?

Start designing your Gift Card
One-link Christmas gift cards for everyone

How to Create and Send a Gift Card?

You don’t buy a ready-made CoinStats Gift Card, you create it! We have an array of options for backgrounds, coins, and labels for free. CoinStats Gift Card is free of charge, and you only pay for the crypto you’re gifting. 

Ready to give your friends the gift of degenhood? Just follow these simple steps (Gift cards are available on mobile only.):

  1. Open the CoinStats app, tap on More in the right corner below and then on Crypto Gifts. Make sure you have updated it to version 4.12.0 or 4.12.1.
  2. Tap on Continue, choose the background design, crypto you want to give (ETH, SHIB, BNB, AAVE, LINK, and MATIC are available), select the amount (between $30 and $20,000). You can also pick a label, such as “Happy New Year” or “Happy Birthday.”
  3. Add the name of the recipient in the “Gift to” field and a personal message if you want.
  4. Tap on Send Gift. Review the gift to make sure it’s all accurate and tap on Confirm.

That’s it. Your gift will be created in a couple of seconds and you can share it with the recipient. 

How Do I Redeem a CoinStats Gift Card?

Congratulations on receiving a crypto gift card as a holiday gift. If you play your cards right, you can get so much out of this present. Here’s what you need to do if you get the magical CoinStats link sent to you. 

  • Once you click on the link, you’ll be prompted to download the CoinStats app if you don’t have it already.
  • Opening the link via the app will show you your gift: the amount of crypto, the design, and the message. Tap on Redeeem.
  • Your DeFi CoinStats Wallet will be automatically created and your crypto will be deposited in it. Yay – gift accepted!

If you want, you can then tap on Share Your Gift to let the world (AKA your friends on social media) know.

Following the deposit, you can venture out and explore the crypto ecosystem via CoinStats app. Or, if you prefer to keep it conservative, you can just track the crypto you received.

Is CoinStats Gift Card Free?

Yes, CoinStats Gift Card, along with its design and label options, is completely free. You will only pay for the coins you want to send. This is what makes it one of the best cryptocurrency gift card options on the market!

🎄 Happy Holidays

… to all the current and future crypto bros and sisters! It is time to open up your world to everyone constantly asking about absurd NFT prices or the ETH Merge. This year is the year you slip an elegant crypto gift card into the stocking. We’ll always be around, making your gift-giving so much easier and a tad more charming.