2022 Year In Review

Dear CoinStats Community,

I’m writing to invite you to look back at the challenging year of 2022 and find out what you can expect from CoinStats in the next one. Open dialogue helps us uphold the high standards of accountability we’ve previously set and contributes to the betterment of our trusted relationship.

The crypto market lived through turbulent times this year, largely because of macroeconomic factors. Taking into account a number of major implosions, we take pride in the patience, determination, and enthusiasm with which we kept building

CoinStats grew and expanded, and our team generated brilliant new ideas despite the temporary setbacks, proving that the way one responds to a challenge is much more important than the challenge itself.

Let’s go over all the new tools we launched in 2022 before we toast to a gainful 2023!

Overview of CoinStats in 2022 

Not losing sight of the long-term game when the ecosystem hits a rough patch is an achievement of its own. Assessing the myriad of exciting innovations and integrations happening all across the field despite the bear market, there is no doubt that we are headed for better times! Ultimately, the markets are going to catch up with widespread adoption. 

Taking a look at CoinStats data will paint a clearer picture of the past year. All in all, we at CoinStats introduced 1000+ new protocol integrations and forged 50+ new partnerships. CoinStats users tracked more than 200 million transactions in 2022.

Most importantly, however, we launched an array of new features that transformed CoinStats into a one-stop DeFi, NFT & crypto manager. And this was probably the most important achievement of our year. 

Now we’ll take a closer look at the added toolset.

Brand New Features & Tools in 2022

We worked hard to bring you something new and exciting every quarter, so let’s go over each of them.

CoinStats Earn

Why just hodl if you can put your crypto to work? CoinStats Earn will let you stake your assets with the hand-picked most reliable DeFi protocols on the market. Get up to 20% on your crypto without leaving the app!

CoinStats Rewards

Exploring CoinStats, users earn ⚡Sparks that can then be exchanged for various rewards, including exclusive NFTs and CoinStats Premium. Completing quests like following us on Twitter or swapping on CoinStats Wallet is relatively easy and comes with amazing perks.

DeFi Tracking

Our launch of DeFi tracking brought the whole ecosystem to the fingertips of CoinStats users. Since then, they can track all their holdings, DeFi, CeFi, and NFTs, in one place. CoinStats supports 1000+ protocols & more than 10 chains.

NFT Tracking

Now users can showcase and track their NFT collections on CoinStats, as well as browse all collections, discover new ones, receive floor price alerts, and monitor the ups and downs of the NFT market. Get your NFT data where you get your crypto data – on CoinStats!

On top of these, we made crucial updates to our homepages, essentially building a whole new CoinStats homepage with extended functionality.

Swap 2.0

In Q2, we upgraded your trading experience, enabling you to swap with 0% additional fees and with maximum efficiency. The new customer-centric design allows one to research crypto and trade from the same page. 

CoinStats Midas

In the second half of 2022, we launched CoinStats Midas, a tool created to help you outsmart the NFT market. Following the NFT activity of smart money, our aggregator algorithm will keep you in the loop about any collections likely to blow up real soon. This way you can be smarter about investing in NFTs! 

Buy Crypto on Web

You could always purchase crypto on the CoinStats mobile app, but this year this functionality was extended to our website. Now instead of switching back and forth many times, you can buy crypto right where you manage it.

Crypto Gift Cards

On the eve of the holiday season, we launched CoinStats Gift Card, letting you pack your favorite coin, beautiful design, and a customized message into one festive link. There’s no better gift for degens to be than an easy entry into the ecosystem. 

Tax Reporting Partnership With CoinLedger

Crypto taxes are becoming yet another thing to tick off your to-do list. Partnering with CoinLedger, we’ve made sure you can handle them in a fast, secure, and easy way. Plus, you get 10% off your tax report generation.

Other Additions

In addition, this year we brought you:

What’s Next?

2023 may be the year where decentralized finance has its moment. But even if it’s not and we have to wait yet another year, our long-term goals will remain the same. No matter the weather forecasts and times of bears and bulls, CoinStats is going to continue surprising you with cutting-edge DeFi & NFT features.

Next year, we’ll bring you new data-based opportunities to fine-tune your investing strategy, maximize gains and minimize the technicalities. Forget speculation and get-rich-fast schemes, we’ll continue building tools that will open up new horizons of financial freedom for everyone. 

For us, DeFi is more about the journey than the destination. And we’ll keep moving toward a world where individuals control their financial future. No matter what setbacks institutions and policy-makers create for us, we will continue to fight to reclaim power and create a network of independent and free global transfer of value

And we hope that you will be onboard the CoinStats starship when we approach the future we envision. Happy New Year, and Thank You For Everything! 🧡

CEO @ CoinStats