Valentines NFTs

Looking for a special gift to show your love this Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re searching for original artwork or a bigger gift, such as a limited edition digital NFT piece of the art world Gustav Klimt, for the love in your life, you’re in luck.

Whatever your preference, read on for our beautiful crypto gifts to give your loved ones, or even yourself, this V-Day—altogether, self-love is also essential.

Let’s get right to it!

Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Crypto Lovers

Valentine’s Day, February 14, is a day for romance and celebration. Your V-Day gift shows your significant other how much you care about them. Some of our all-time favorite gifts that are perfect for this season of romance include jewelry, handbags, or chocolate. But offering an NFT as a gift is the hottest trend this season.

NFTs took the art world by storm in 2021, and in recent years NFT projects have been sold for tens of millions of dollars. This year, the Valentines NFTs project offers NFTs as gifts bringing love, connection, and sharing into the NFT space. Moreover, the Belvedere museum is offering Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss as an NFT for sale as a limited number of digital artworks. One fraction of its digitalized image costs €1,850 or 0,65 Ethereum. A high-resolution digital copy will be divided into a 100 x 100 grid, resulting in 10,000 inimitable individual pieces. Separately, Proton, the protocol that prioritizes security and aims to provide a verified identity account allowing users to link it with fiat accounts directly, gives two limited edition NFTs – one for you and one to share with someone you love. It enables you to instantly send your NFT to your Valentine, asking you to share the love on Twitter to teach people about crypto on Valentine’s Day.

As you can see, you have a unique chance to make this Valentine’s Day truly special for your partner who is passionate about crypto. Additionally, if they’re still unaware of the exciting opportunities offered by the crypto world, you can introduce them to NFTs in the hope they’ll learn more about them in the future.

Here are some amazing Valentine’s Day gift ideas for crypto lovers:

  • Custom-engraved cryptocurrency keychains
  • Crypto jewelry, such as pendants and cufflinks
  • NFT collectibles from their favorite artist
  • Virtual reality headset for gaming and NFT viewing
  • Exclusive NFT trading cards
  • Crypto Gift Cards
  • Crypto-themed T-shirts and clothing
  • Crypto-themed art print
  • Limited edition gaming NFTs
  • Personalized crypto-themed puzzles
  • Ledger Nano X hardware wallet
  • Crypto board games
  • Crypto-themed video games and apps
  • Cryptocurrency debit cards
  • Crypto-themed coffee mugs and stationery.

Valentine-Themed NFTs to Collect

Here are Valentine’s Day themed NFTs you can collect and keep as a symbol of your love.

  1. “Love Letters” NFTs – It’s a virtual love letter that you can personalize with your own message, making it a one-of-a-kind keepsake.
  1. “Love Is…” NFTs – These NFTs contain exquisite images of several elements of love, such as passion, friendship, and dedication, making them sweet and heartfelt gifts.
  1. “Heart-Shaped” NFTs feature heart-shaped designs, making them a classic and timeless representation of love and affection.
  1. “Couple” NFTs – These NFTs feature two characters as a couple, symbolizing the bond between you and your partner.

Each of these NFTs holds its unique significance, making it a perfect gift for your significant other. Whether you choose a personalized love letter or a heart-shaped design, NFTs are a great way to express your love and create a lasting memory.

Top Valentine’s NFTs

Here are some of the fantastic NFTs that explore themes of love, connection, and romance.

“Cupid Collection” by Oscar Llorens

Oscar Llorens’ “Cupid Collection” NFT GIFs

Oscar Llorens started pursuing a professional career in illustration after having worked as an art director for almost 15 years.

Working almost entirely in advertising and editorial illustration, the Spanish artist counts the Washington Post, Cirque du Soleil, the United Nations, and Coke among his prestigious clients. His fine artwork has been shown in New York, Paris, Taipei, Beijing, Madrid, Barcelona, and Mexico City.

Llorens’ strange, expressive style frequently includes a touch of nostalgia in his works, using old cartoon characters and pop culture symbols.

“Lovebirds” by Ali Jardine

“Romeo and Juliet, Swans” NFT from Ali Jardine’s “Lovebirds” series

Ali Jardine describes herself as a “pioneer of iPhone art” and an early user of Instagram’s platform. Growing up, she dabbled in various artistic mediums such as painting, poetry, mosaics, homemade books, needlework, and sculpting. However, it wasn’t until her husband bought her an iPhone 3 for her birthday that she finally discovered her favorite medium. Jardine started uploading her work on Instagram and now has over 400,000 followers.

She has since been featured in publications such as Business Insider and Fortune, showcasing her work with several large corporations. She noted that she used the word “lovebirds” to describe birds symbolizing freedom, a connection of the earth to the universe as well as love, romance, and sensuality.

“Hearts” by Francis Alves

GIFs of NFTs from Francis Alves’s “Hearts” collection

Francis Alves, the founder of Atelier ALVES, is a real-life jewelry designer passionate about new technologies and whose work has been featured in British GQ and British Vogue. A 3D modeler, Alves is also a “crypto jeweler,” bringing his own jewelry art to the blockchain.

With a curated NFT collection already under his belt, Alves is returning to the site with a novel idea: NFT Valentines in 3D digital heart-shaped jewels.

Tools for Tracking NFT Collectors and Trades

Below are some of the platforms providing several tools and resources to help NFT collectors and traders track and manage NFT collections and trades:

  1. NonFungible.comThe platform allows users to search, discover, and track NFTs, including their ownership, trading history, and market trends.
  1. OpenSea is the largest marketplace for NFTs, enabling users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs in various categories, including collectibles, digital art, and gaming items.
  1. Nifty Gateway – The NFT platform offers a curated selection of limited-edition NFTs, including collaborations with famous artists, brands, and celebrities.
  1. CoinStats NFT Tracking enables you to keep track of all the NFT analytics, including the latest stats for NFT collections and individual assets that have sold for the highest prices, and follow top wallets in real-time with one of a kind data-powered smart alert tool. CoinStat’s ever-evolving algorithm aggregates NFT buying activity, allowing you to discover the best NFTs to invest in.

Whether new to NFTs or an experienced collector, the platforms described above offer a wealth of information and resources to help you make informed decisions in the NFT market.

Wrapping Up!

Roses are red, violets are blue, and we have shared perfect gift ideas with you 🙂

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, show your loved ones how much you care by presenting them with a unique and thoughtful gift from our curated list. Make every moment magical by sending NFTs and Valentine’s gift cards.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to create a memory that will last a lifetime and express your love in a truly exceptional way. Choose a gift that speaks to your heart, and let the romance unfold!

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