We’re thrilled to introduce CoinStats’ new integration and partnership with Affine — the world’s first cross-chain investment and savings app. 

CoinStats’ Affine integration enables you to put your idle crypto assets to work directly on CoinStats and earn up to 8.86% APY — all while automatically defending against impermanent loss. 

Earn Real Yield
8.86% APY on your USDC 

This brand-new Affine integration will bring you a convenient way to invest in multiple assets, earn a substantial real APY, and minimize your risk.

Affine is a DeFi protocol based on Ethereum and Polygon networks that provides users access to diversified yields across various DeFi protocols.

Affine’s USDC Earn is similar to a savings account. You keep your funds in USDC and lend it out to a basket of lending protocols to earn yield.

Affine’s baskets enable users to earn high real yields and minimize their risk by having their investments spread out across different platforms. The use of pre-constructed baskets removes the hassle of manually managing positions on each individual platform. 

Affine has raised a seed round from leading crypto investors such as Coinbase Ventures,  Circle Ventures, founders of Dragonfly Capital and Polygon Networks, and more. The protocol is fully audited by Halborn, one of the industry’s top smart contract auditor companies. 

What Does This Mean for You?

CoinStats’ Affine integration allows our users to invest using Affine’s USD Earn basket directly on CoinStats. 

Not only do these baskets offer solid real yields of up to 8.86% — they also contain multiple assets that automatically rebalance. This means that investing in USD Earn provides you with the benefits of a diversified portfolio while holding a single asset. 

Moreover, all the baskets come with no lockup periods, meaning you can withdraw your funds whenever you want! 

This integration will bring CoinStats and Affine (as well as our user bases) closer, allowing Affine users to easily track their investments, and granting CoinStats users access to more (and better!) investment vehicles directly on the platform.

This partnership brings CoinStats one step closer to achieving its goal of being the most extensive one-stop hub for all crypto investors. 

Final Word

Once again, we want to express our excitement for partnering up with a protocol that will bring more benefits to CoinStats users. Feel free to head over to the CoinStats Earn page and try Affine’s USD Earn basket investments, and let us know your thoughts! 

Last but not least, thank you for your time and continuous support — we’re looking forward to evolving and achieving great things together!