Imagine effortlessly exploring any wallet addresses, ENS domains, and NFTs without switching between blockchain explorers.

Well, great news! With our new Wallet Explorer, you can seamlessly explore wallets directly from the search bar.

Let’s dive into the benefits of Wallet Explorer and embark on your hassle-free journey.

90+ Supported Chains

CoinStats supports a wide range of wallets across various blockchain networks. With just one platform, you can easily search wallet addresses on different chains, such as Ethereum, Solana, and 70 others. 

Complete Wallet Analytics

Gain valuable insights into wallet analytics. CoinStats provides you with detailed information and visual data to monitor assets effectively. 

You can track asset allocation, analyze portfolio performance compared to the market, and assess daily and cumulative PnL (Profit and Loss). Find out more about analytics here.

DeFi & NFT Transaction History

Take a closer look at the wallets you’re curious about. Dive into their full DeFi & NFT transaction history and uncover helpful insights into their strategies. 

Wallet Watchlist

Add the wallets that spike your interest to your watchlist for facilitated access. Keep an eye on their analytics and transactions with ease.

Trending Wallets

Stay ahead of the curve and discover exciting investment opportunities with CoinStats’ curated list of trending wallets. 

By tapping into this list, you can identify potential prospects and stay connected with the crypto community.

How to Use Wallet Explorer?

Getting started with the Wallet Explorer feature on CoinStats is a breeze. Here’s a quick guide to get you started (currently, it is only accessible on iOS devices)

Note: Update the app first to add Wallet Explorer.

  1. Tap on the search bar on the Main tab
  2. Type in the wallet address or ENS domain you want to explore
  3. Explore and add to your watchlist right away

Wallet Explorer will take your wallet exploration to the next level. Now you can seamlessly search across multiple chains, access wallet analytics, and discover trending wallets: explore vitalik.eth 

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