zkSync Era and Base

zkSync Era and Base were integrated with the CoinStats Portfolio tracker only a day after their launch. And now it’s high time you have them in your CoinStats Wallet as well!

zkSync Era is a cutting-edge Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution and the pioneering zkEVM on the mainnet.

It combines ZK-rollup technology with EVM compatibility for fast, secure, and low-cost trustless transactions.

Base is Coinbase’s innovative Ethereum Layer 2 network, offering secure, low-cost, and efficient on-chain development. It’s built on the OP stack in collaboration with Optimism.

Base leverages Ethereum’s security and Coinbase’s products and tools to facilitate fast and low-cost transactions on the Ethereum mainnet and expand its functionality. It also creates an interoperable ecosystem with other popular Layer 2s. 

These integrations facilitate seamless swaps on both zkSync Era and Base. 

Get the most out of these new additions with your CoinStats Wallet!