CoinStats transforms for Q4! Brace yourself for a refined, redefined, and revamped experience. We’re thrilled to announce exciting upgrades driven by your feedback and our dedication to continuous improvement. Here’s an overview:

1. CoinStats Wallet Integration to Portfolio

Your CoinStats Wallet is now integrated into the Portfolio section. You can easily Receive, Swap, and Send crypto with the tap of your finger.  We’ve also optimized the process for creating wallets and adding chains. Just tap on the 3 dot menu in the Portfolio section of your CoinStats app to select Earn, Alerts, Analytics, Link Sharing, Settings, WalletConnect or Wallet Settings. For added security, we’ve integrated Face ID functionality for wallet transactions.

2. Action Menu

The CoinStats Wallet in the Portfolio section is replaced with Action Menu represented by the + icon. This change highlights the most essential actions, making it easier for users to navigate. When you tap the Action Menu, you’ll access a menu with key functions such as swaps, earning, buying, and portfolio connections.

3. Chain Activity: Your Airdrop Farming Assistant

With crypto airdrops becoming more popular, keeping track of your wallet’s performance has never been more crucial.

To help you do just that CoinStats introduces its latest feature – Chain Activity.  This feature is tailor-made for users interested in keeping tabs on their wallet’s activity, particularly on chains with potential for airdrops.

Here’s what Chain Activity can help you with:

Activity Score Calculation

Have you ever wondered about your wallet’s ranking against others farming airdrops on a particular chain? Chain Activity displays your score and the top percentile rank you fall into based on your activity. It introduces a scoring mechanism capped at 100 points. This number is based on the average percentage of your activity. Displayed as the top card, it gives you a full picture of how your wallet is doing.

Moreover, with Chain Activity, you can effortlessly monitor your transaction count, total trading volume, total fees spent, and last activity.

Chain Activity currently supports the following chains:

  • zkSync
  • Starknet
  • Polygon zkEVM

This feature is invaluable for those engaged in airdrop farming on zkSync, Starknet, Polygon zkEVM chains and others. Airdrop enthusiasts can use Chain Activity to gauge their likelihood of getting an airdrop and to compare their wallet’s engagement with the overall actions on the chain.

4. Swap Page Upgrades

The swapping process is now more intuitive, with the addition of a new Rates section for rate details. We’ve updated the display for Slippage and Rate offers and introduced a feature for customizable slippage with warnings for potentially unfavorable trades. We’ve developed the new Rate Offers to help you easily identify the best fee offers.

5. Enhanced Coin Price Filtering Options

We’ve updated the Coin details pages to make data filtering more efficient. Users can now swiftly filter coin data by timeframe, such as 1H or 24H, or coin count, like 100 or 300, using the filters above the coin price table. This update streamlines the process of coin tracking, allowing for quicker access to coin-specific information. Dive in and explore the new filtering options!

6. Quick Portfolio Settings Access

You can now directly access Portfolio Settings from your Portfolio tab. Simply tap the 3-dot menu, select Portfolio Settings, and you’ll be taken straight to the Settings. This streamlined approach eliminates extra steps, making your portfolio management easier and more efficient.

7. Hidden Balances Organized

We’ve designed a dedicated section for all your hidden balances. Previously, hidden balances were simply removed from view. Instead, now these balances are neatly organized in  the special section, ensuring you have easy access to all your data without cluttering the main interface. Experience the organized approach to your hidden assets!

8. Instant Analytics Insight

With this new update, you can dive deeper into your data with just a tap! CoinStats has enhanced its user interface to offer immediate access to your portfolio analytics. By tapping on the Analytics icon located on the right-hand side of the chart timeframe, users can swiftly view detailed insights. This update ensures that comprehensive data analysis is always at your fingertips.

9. More Tab Revamp

We’ve streamlined the More tab for clarity. The User Profile section now includes immediate profile picture changes, badges, and a consolidated view of wallet addresses. Your CoinStats Rewards and Sparks count take center stage with more prominent displays, accompanied by improved navigation for both logged-in and logged-out users. The Settings screen has undergone a structural revamp, introducing new features and options. And for those who love data, the Export CSV feature has found its new home in Portfolio Settings.

10. Flip and Hide

We recognize the paramount importance of your financial privacy. With crypto’s increasing popularity, ensuring your portfolio’s confidentiality in public or around prying eyes it’s more important than ever. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the Flip and Hide feature. With this innovative addition, CoinStats’ users can instantly hide their portfolio balances by simply shaking their phone. 

These updates are a big part of our continued commitment to offer seamless portfolio tracking to our valued users. We’re dedicated to delivering a comprehensive user-centric experience and are grateful for your ongoing support.

Your feedback have played a pivotal role in refining and redefining our platform! 

We’d love to hear your feedback on these changes — join us Discord and make your voice heard in the “feature-request” channel.