Chain Activity

With crypto airdrops gaining popularity, keeping track of your wallet’s performance has never been so pertinent.

To help you stay on track, CoinStats introduces its latest feature – Chain Activity. It allows users to keep tabs on their wallets’ activities, with a focus on chains with potential for airdrops.

Here’s what Chain Activity can help you with.

Activity Score Calculation

Ever wondered how you rank compared to others engaged in airdrop farming on a specific chain? Chain Activity displays your score and top percentile ranking based on your activity. It introduces a scoring mechanism capped at 100 points. This number reflects the average percentage of your activity. Displayed as the top card, it gives you a complete picture of how your wallet is doing.

Transactions Count 

You can now monitor your transaction patterns effortlessly. Chain Activity gives you an exact count of all transactions, so you’re always in the know.

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Total Trading Volume 

Navigating your trading activity just got easier. You can view the total volume of your transactions across a specific chain.

Total Fees Spent 

This new feature keeps you updated on the total amount of fees spent across the chain. It helps manage your assets more efficiently.

Last Activity 

Chain Activity also offers insights into the last active time and aggregates on-chain activity over days, weeks, and months. This provides users with a comprehensive view of their engagement and overall on-chain activity.

How to Check Your Activity Score

This feature is invaluable for those engaged in airdrop farming on zkSync Era, Starknet, Polygon zkEVM chains, etc. Airdrop enthusiasts can use Chain Activity to assess their likelihood of getting an airdrop and compare their wallets’ engagement with the overall actions on the chain.
To check your wallet address’ Chain Activity, visit CoinStats or download the CoinStats app. Simply connect  your wallet, navigate to the 3-dot menu, and select “Analytics.” A clear picture of your wallet’s activities will be displayed.

About CoinStats

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